Monday, October 31, 2011

We 'yam what we 'yam

HURT nordic is gearing up for the oncoming winter. As the northeast enjoys the last couple days of a midwinter treat, the team is making some final preparations for the upcoming season. The command center has been a buzz lately as 11th hour signings, gear orders and interval sessions have taken center stage for the HURT leadership.

Sadly, HURT was unable to sign the dynamite duo of Dan and Kathy Schwenk to another year under the team colors. Sighting "too long a commute" to the Capital region and "Irreconcilable Differences in ski wax choice" the Schwenks backed away from a three-year 4.3 million dollar* deal that would have all but sealed HURT's dominance in the Masters Women categories.

*not actually dollars. snowflakes.

As the Director struggled with options, he decided to build for the future and sign Shenendehowa Varsity up-and-coming star Brian Chrzan to a probationary deal at the league minimum. This deal opened up some cap space to offer league veteran Andy Farry some perks for the upcoming season. The Director sent the following press release:

"It is no secret that there are certain death obsessed clubs around the state that are making some bigtime signings right before the season. They want the title and want it bad. In a dastardly move, they are also heavily recruiting one of our founding members. Their plan seems to be to take some of the deep HURT talent and break our spirits right before the snow flies. We want our team to be as strong as ever....and we want Andy to don one of our special ordered Mt. Borah neck wraps that shows off our new updated HURT 2.0 logos. They go amazingly well with our new championship suits. And seriously....boot carriers?

The new colors for 2011.

HURT is also excited to announce that they have just received some top secret team ski gear that will make it all but impossible for clubs to contend for this year's title.

The Director was unwilling to share what exactly had been received but lets just say that the following pictures were left as clues to the contents of the package.

Monday, October 10, 2011


So much training....So much pressure from the Director to deliver.....The pictures and the movie should tell the tale.

Congrats to all HURT athletes who got out this week and logged some quality time training. Special thanks to Andy Wei, Tim Huneck, Chris Yarsevich and Dave Paarlberg-Kvam who shot and submitted the video to the USSA team with hopes of S.W.A.G.