Monday, January 25, 2010

HURT Rallies for Thunderdome Sunday

Just when Team HURT seemed to be on the ropes, Director Extraordinaire Aaron Huneck rallies the team.


"I'm not sure what it was. Maybe all the Peru trash talking, my brother Austin out and our skating stud Dave feeling ill, but something was missing during Saturday's race. Add to that, no Dave or Deihl for Sunday and something had to be done. Therefore, I am calling in the ringers, both Bob and Heidi Underwood, to dominate the master's field. I will also join the action, to help lead my team and show them how to properly throw down!"

And with that proclamation Team HURT got after it, in a mass start classical throw down!

The juniors were out early, for a quick 5K classic race. Austin was back in his all powerful HURT racing suit, shaking off illness, like it was a wee little NYSEF racer. Austin, Brian, and Adam placed 6,7,and 14th respectively, in a tough field.

Next, it was the all powerful, but rarely seen Underwood duo. Heidi won the master's race and Bob placed second in the master's field, storming through the field after starting at the back of the grid. "Both Heidi and I used these funky 20 year old race suits today to lull our competition into thinking we were off our game, then BAM right by them we went!"

Yarsevich used a good start to get a jump on the PERU boys and tried to hang with Underwood and Seyse as long as possible, finishing 3rd overall in the master's field.

The race of the day goes to the Director's own father, Tim Huneck! He laughed at all the Swix wax voodoo and went with a custom combination of Toko hardwaxes and had a great day, winning his age group.

Also scoring big points was the "Mayor of Medicare" Rene Clark, Dave Burt who stormed back after breaking a pole at the start, and Ed Luban (winning M6).

With this performance, the Director thinks we may have held off the the NYSEF onslaught for another week.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

HURT steamroller hits speed bump

Just as it looked like Team HURT was going to roll through the remainder of the NYSSRA club series the Nordic gods had other things in mind. In an effort to close the gap between HURT and the close competing clubs the ever powerful and mischievous Loki sent his smallest and most destructive warriors into action against two of HURT most reliable points earners.

Austin Huneck and Dave Kvam (who currently sit 2 and 7 on the NYSSRA Red group) have been sidelined with devestating infections. Team director Aaron was counting on Kvam in the face of the NYSEF hoards but his poor attempt to staggar around the course did little to help the team. Austin wasn't even sent into action. With Austin out and Kvam out of action on day 2 it is up to the deep and resiliant HURT faithful to step up and ski like champions.

With Marathon season looming and big races coming up its up to Team Director Aaron to fix his boys before the problems spread. He is currently spending the day rubbing his brothers feet to bring down the fever....

Saturday was ugly...Enjoy "The Lions Den"

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A Call To Arms!

HURT took a commanding lead in the NYSSRA's point series after this past weekend. However, now is not the time to become complacent. This weekend features two races in Lake Placid, home to the powerful NYSEF team. They will surely be out in force this weekend with about 100 J1 and J2 junior skiers, scoring points for their team.

Our junior skiers will be tested this weekend, with tough competition, but they are up for it! Look for Austin Huneck, Adam Luban, and Brian Halligan to have good races.

We need to maximize the number of HURT members racing this weekend. If you are on the fence, sign up and throw down! Your team needs you and the director demands it!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

All Business for Team HURT

Taking Advantage of 3 weekend races historically poorly represented by NYSEF's finest, HURT was out in full force this past weekend at Saratoga Biathlon Club and Winona Forest. Aaron, the ever savvy race veteran understood that the allure of a Junior Olympic spot would bring many to Rochester and open up some key points in the 10K Shen Classic Race, the Mini Marathon and the WFRA try it. The recent January warming trend had the director pacing about the nights before the race but with his bags packed full of Klister and water-wings he lead his boys to some very impressive results.

The Saturday Classic Klister-fest saw big performances by Austin Huneck and Brian Halligan who went 1-2 in the J2 boys race with The Director himself giving a fine display of classic striding and powerful double pole to the back half of the field. After the race he was quoted as saying "I am on the lookout for future talent...sometimes you get the best view as these guys go zipping by." Hopefully I can get some big deals done in the future."

Ever a man of his word, the director was able to lock up the up and coming talent of Bennett Timmerman for the remainder of the season. With the added push of Huneck, Halligan and Luban keep your eyes on this guy.

The story of the day was the rare sighting of the REAL wielder of HURT's power....the queen bee...the final say....the woman who really calls the shots (and designates bed time) GINA HUNECK made her 2009-10 NYSSRA debut with a strong finish in the Masters Women's race.

IN the Open Men's throw down 4 of the top 5 slots went to the HURT juggernaut. Taking advantage of starting along side each other Kvam and Yarsevich battled back and forth over the rolling 10K course. It was a late move on the final climb that gave Yarsevich the 2nd place finish over a charging Kvam. The .01 second gap between the two demonstrates just how nip and tuck the race really was. Kvam after the race: "I was clipping his heels the whole race...taking advantage of fast skis and a strong double pole paired against his superior striding and gritty was a classic battle for sure. Had I spent a little more time stretching and less time smoothing my klister pocket I probably could have out lunged him. I'll have another go at it next weekend in LP."

Closely behind Kvam came Diehl, MDH, T.Huneck, Tetlow, Burt, M. Torniainen and Rene Clark. It was a solid day for all involved.

Sunday saw many HURT members return for the Sacandaga Mini Marathon. With Kvam on the bench, Heidi and Bob Underwood led the way followed closely by MDH, Yarsevich, M. Torniainen, Tetlow, Farry, South, T. Huneck, Burt and Clarke. Unfortunately, the team tactics of HURT fell short of breaking the impressive streak of 5 straight Mini Marathon victories by Peru's Mike Wynn.

On the Western Flank it was up to Ed Luban to attack early and often in the WFRA try-it and he did so with a solid age group win. Stay tuned in for next weeks update, video and recap as HURT journeys into the heart of NYSEF country for a Saturday Sunday double.

Monday, January 11, 2010

It Must Be the Suits

With this week's race on our home turf, many critics were asking how Team HURT would possibly defend their course against the onslaught of fast High School and Open racers.

Team Director Aaron, answers the critics with the following declaration!


"What is all this talk of defending our turf? The best defense is a great offense! We are going to bring ALL the troops and make a strong showing with a full on attack!"

Kvam leading the army!






Justin and Matt


Sunday, January 10, 2010

Hundreds Gather for Queensbury throwdown

Between 23 High School Teams from across New York, a field of ESG and JO hungry competitors and a deep Masters field, the two lap course at Crandall Park saw its fair share of fast skiers this past Saturday. Fortunately for the participants, Queensbury's Bob Underwood and his staff of round-the-clock scientists had developed a surface well suited for the nordic-beatdown the trails took. The mix of crushed pine debris, sugar snow and secret German plastic polymer made for an awesome course and a great day of racing (all kidding aside....kudos to Bob Underwood and all those that volunteered to shovel snow and prep the course!)

The Team Director and most of Team HURT was out in full force to defend their home turf and big points were earned in the Junior and Master Races. Brian Halligan led the HURT J2 with Austin and Adam following close behind. J1 Will Frielinghaus had a dominate performance in the J1/OJ race coming second only to Charlie Bencze. In the Men's race, Dave Kvam led HURT with a strong 7th place finish. His attempt to battle the three headed "Day-Hettenbaugh-Maynard" monster from the West was thwarted as the Rochesterians threw down 3 of the top 6 fastest times. When asked about the growing monkey on his back Kvam replied "mummble mummble @$%#freakin grrrr@#$r mummble more grrr damn mumble intervals mumble!" His 7th place finish now makes it the 3138th time he has finished a race in 7th place. Team Director Huneck feels like Vegas might be the best place for him.

Despite the Rochester beatdown, Kvam had very strong support from his HURT teammates as Chris Yarsevich, MDH, Justin Tetlow, Tim Huneck, Ed Luban, Andy Farry, Dave Burt, Jim South, Rene Clark and Matt Tornianen turned in performances of 11, 13, 16, 20, 22, 23, 27, 28, 36, and 18 respectively. Oddly enough, these were the exact winning numbers of the Connecticut State Powerball and had Team Director Aaron played accordingly team HURT would now be proud owners of 25 snow cannons that would have provided Crandall Park with perfect skiing conditions from October to June. When notified of this Team Director Aaron replied "mumble mumble #$%^freakin mumble grrrr gambling age mumble grrr bu$$shi%"

On a day that saw mixed reactions from many HURT skiers about their performance nordic reporters found it hard to find too many audible comments...either that or the throngs of cheering middle schoolers drowned out many of the responses.

The highlight performance of the day was the inspired home course performance by Rene Clark who not only came to tangle with an M8 field larger than 1 skier (a rarity) but was urged around by a host of cheers from adoring nordic fans along the trail. We caught up with HURT's aptly named "Mayor of Medicare" after the race.

Q: How did you feel out there today?

RC: I tell was great to be out there mixing it up with the spry pentagenarians....and the crowds!...amazing....I kept hearing my name......I swear I felt like Norm from Cheers!

(Oddly interview we did some comparative research and found some very interesting similarities....maybe he is Norm?!?!)

Enjoy the latest installment of HURT television

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Saturday Preview

This Saturday NYSSRA race series resumes with two races, one in Hammond Hills and one in Glens Falls, NY. Nordic ski reporter extraordinaire Kat Nerz from sat down on Wednesday with H.U.R.T director Aaron Huneck to talk about the team status, the upcoming races and his feelings on the slim lead his unit now holds in the Team Championship Series. This interview provides a glimpse into the mind of New York's newest nordic dictator.

KN: Do you care to divulge any team strategy for the upcoming races?

AN: Well Kat, Without giving away too much I will say that we are concentrating are full effort on Glens Falls this Saturday, its our home course, its where we train week in and week out, we know the corners, the lines, the pacing. I expect a strong showing and fast times.

KN: How about the individuals on your team?

AN: hmmm....Well....Doug Diehl is on rocket form right now. His dominating performance in Tupper Lake along with consistently fast performances since the summer makes me think he could have a special race. My only concern there is all the snow shoveling at the apartments he's had to do to pay the bills. Hopefully he has implemented the T.N.R.P (team nutrition recovery plan) that I prescribed....oreos, coke-a-cola and pork fat.
I think Kvam's been coming on form pretty well too. Tupper went well for him too considering his limited time on classic skis. But I need him to be more concerned with his own race and not the races of others. Pedal to the Metal all the way for him. Historically, he performs well this race and relishes the chance to scrap his way around the wounded Juniors that litter the trails during the Men's race. I expect a top time.
My biggest hope is for Chris Yarsevich who is coming into Saturday as well rested as anyone ever in the history of skiing. 138 hours of sleep in 10 days....his cold has been kicked...and either he'll ski like a bear coming out of hibernation or he'll win this bad boy by a mile.
But honestly....I have high hopes for everyone...Almost everyone should be there and should put down fast times.

KN: And what do you think of the competition?

AN: NYSEF is angry....they don't like being in 2nd place and I am sure will bring a big team....they haven't said so in so many words but I feel it in my gut.....either that or I have had too many oreos.

KN: Anyone else?

AN: Well Rochester likes to bring their juniors out here to tangle with us and I heard rumor that Chad Day and Jason Hettenbaugh are on the start list. Chad is always a threat to win and Jason is is right up there too. There is no shooting in this race so my big hope is that Jason gets confused and Kvam can slide in there. I expect them to rise in the standings.

KN: What about Peru?

AN: who?

KN: Well thanks for your time Aaron and look forward to talking with you as we get closer to the Tri-HURT-athon.

AN: And thank you, Kat.

Friday, January 1, 2010

New Year, New Duds, New Series Lead

McCauley Mountain, Old Forge, was the destination for many of HURT's skiers this New Year's Day. In a brilliant strategic move Team Director Aaron lead his troops into battle on a day that say many of the states fastest pass up valuable NYSSRA points. Aaron said before the race:

"I was pouring over the last few years of race results and I noticed that this day is notorious for being passed up for things such as "pre-covery" and "post-covery" and "Metal Gods" and "FIS Tour de Skis". While these events may be worthy in their own right, FIS and other nordic organizations do not offer nearly as many NYSSRA points as Polar Bear Ski Club. It really was a pretty easy call to make."

Aaron himself jumped into the mix in dominating fashion but allowed his top 3 J2 studs, Brian Halligan, Adam Luban and Austin Huneck to make a sweep of the podium. Aaron follwed up by saying " was about confidence, the more of my boys I can get on the podium the better we'll be come February...besides I was still recovering from top is #1."

With a relatively idle NYSEF and Peru squad the early math has HURT storming into the NYSSRA points lead to start the New Year. This was helped by a strong showing by Dave Kvam, Andy Farry, MDH, Jim South, Ed Luban and Tim Huneck. Most of the guys laid down some of their best 10K performances of the early NYSSRA season but there was some controversy as too how much speed was due to un-regulated speed suits from Podium Wear. The post race testing went on and on as race officials took sample fibers, surface rubbings and ink samples.

When asked about it after the race father Huneck said "I dunno what these guys are looking for, My thighs have looked that good in bright colored spandex for decades....check's my wife's cell number...."

Check out the newest installment of HURT Television and stay tuned for results and updates as the guys move on to a classic showdown in Tupper Lake. They expect a deep field and stiff competition and the peru boys should be out for revenge.