Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Early Summer Training and Sponsorship News

The past few weeks have seen a big spike in temperature and big spike in motivation for HURT skiers around the state. With the coming of June comes the begin of official rollerski sessions and strength workouts for the HURT faithful. The Director is firing up his troops for the summer training season and has been marching about spouting the great inspirational quotes from 1968 Norwegian Champion Odd Martinsen "Ver Fernde din ende tykk du lat er yukki vuhfr dasearkk"* which loosely translates to "Great skiers need to put on their sneeks, stop tweeting, find their ski poles and go run up a mountain so that they are big and strong like the great black bull and fast on the snow like the white bunny rabbit escaping the jaws of the tundra wolf. Now move your butt." **

Needless to say, the Director's delivery has been enough to get the guys moving. HURT West has had an explosion of success in the last few weeks as their training efforts in the Syracuse area have been rewarded with growing attendance and high level of fitness. Exploits of of HURT west can be found here, in a blog updated regularly by HURT's Adam Luban. If you are in the 'Cuse area and want to join in the action be sure to contact them!

Eastern HURT boys have been joining in the preseason rollerski action as well. Amped up for the upcoming IRON MADIEN Triathlon hosted by the mighty Peru Nordic Masters have the guys training hard and building the high level of fitness needed to conquer the mighty Hill Of Death. Confidence is running high as young gun and rising nordic stud Austin Huneck looks to stamp his name on the Hill Of Death record book. Check out the HRT Newsroom coverage of last Monday's training session at SPAC.


THE BIGGEST NEWS for HURT skiers is the official partnership for the upcoming Junior Development camp at West Mountain with two local nordic giants, The SPORTSPAGE SKI SHOP in Queensbury and INSIDE EDGE SKI AND BIKE SHOP in Glens Falls. Our campers will be treated to giveaways from these nordic ski shops, discounts on gear and prizes for the winners of the uphill West Mountain Time Trial. This event just keeps getting better and better. Make sure you sign up now and reserve your spot. Space is limited. All registrations must be received by July 10th.

*After extensive research, this is not Norwegian, or a quote of Odd Martinsen, it's just odd.

**Nor is it translatable to this quote