Sunday, May 6, 2018

Lemonade from Lemons

Sometimes opportunity can blossom from the seed of disappointment. Any long-time competitive athlete has a story that can relate to that adage.

As it turns out, the same is true for organizers. 

The HRT Newsroom regrets to inform all of HURT nation that  the 2018 HURT Junior Summer Development Camp will be cancelled.  Due to many conflicts, the staff is unable to comfortably support the expected number of athletes and won't be able to provide them with high caliber camp experience that has become a marker of our event the last 7 years.  
Despite this very disappointing news, The Hudson United Racing Team has aims to still provide a quality summer training structure for committed and interested junior athletes. Instead of HURT camp, the HURT coaches have built a complete summer full of training opportunities that should provide even better continuity of training and better athlete development.   We urge junior athletes to take a careful look at the options available for HURT Silver team membership.  They should  take a look at our training schedule here as  summer plans are made. Know that specific details on ALL training sessions will be made in June.   
We sincerely hope to bring the HURT summer camp back in 2019 and are already looking to secure our staff and dates now.   

It is HURT's aim to make this summer full of lemonade.