Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New HURT Director announces New HURT Camp

Big things are in the air since Aaron Huneck stepped down as Steward of HURT nation.  After winning his third consecutive club championship, the Director set off to anoint his new replacement.  After much deliberation he settled on the accomplished, competitive, ruthless (and most importantly, diminutive) Travis Kozoil to take hold of the HURT reigns and carry the title "Director".  (Despite his relinquished title, A. Huneck only responds when addressed as "Director", as is customary among retired heads-of-state.) When questioned about what he looks forward to now that the responsibility of HURT nation is off his mighty shoulders, Huneck said he "was excited about focusing on developing female talent." When asked to clarify, he indicated that he "was 110% focused on skiing ability, mom"

-Travis has wasted no time in introducing some big summer initiatives into the HURT Summer Program.  His first move was to organize and lead a "Pick-up-your-'trash-cause-I-am-gonna-build-ski-trails-everywhere-campaign" on Earth Day.  Here is the Director leading his army in the effort.      

As his second item of business he has released the information about the upcoming 2012 HURT junior development camp.  The general camp will be held July 20-22 in Queensbury, NY and will be based out of Camp Meadowbrook which is mere minutes away from the Warren County bikeway.  The camp this year will feature furnished cabins (no tents necessary this year!) among other deluxe amenities to keep the campers having fun and working hard.  To see the camp flyer and learn more about the 2012 HURT junior camp visit...

If you are a supporter, fan, family member, team member or "skier-with-no-priors-and-a-lover-of-volunteer-work" (unless you ski for the evil empire) and are interested in helping out please email and let us know if you can volunteer.  The camp will only be successful if we get the type of community support we saw last year.  Please consider volunteering your time that weekend. 

Any juniors interested in participating in the camp should email and the Director will send you the official 2012 camp info packet.  Sign up today!  The camp should fill up and you don't want to be left out!