Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Three Headed Monsters clash on the Tug Hill

This past weekend marked the first race of the 2010-2011 season that did not involve pouring rain, epic conditions and howling winds and therefore saw the first race coverage from HRT News Team and the first real test for many of HURTs finest. New acquisitions from Western and Central NY came out to clash with a massive field of from the Tug area and points west. While there were a number of stories from the day (including domination of the Men's M8 field by Roger Henry and the Women's M9 field by Joan Henry...it was never even close) and the multiple first place age group victories by HURT teammates (the pies never had a chance) the story of the day has to be the impending clash between the two three headed monsters that polarize NYS.

On one side (The East) you have the trio-of-terror Brian Halligan, Austin Huneck and Adam Luban who RIPPED up the J2 field in a way seldom seen in HS racing. The boys went 1-2-4 and was only missed the trifecta by a slim 15 second margin. Western skiers were thankful by the young Douglas boy who was able to "jack himself up" to the base of J2 podium preventing the HURT sweep.

The West saw (yet again) the SR men flex their nordic muscle. The powerhouse trio of Hettenbaugh, Day and Maynard took all three spots on the SR podium and it was only with a well timed boot slide that HURT's Kvam was able to share the 3rd spot with the mighty Maynard. The SR men's race looks to be a drama filled arena as places 3-5 were separated by a mere 3 seconds. As the conditions improve, the race season gets further along and the field gets deeper (including the absent but never-out-of-mind Evil Empire) look for more of this drama to unfold.

Check out HRT Newsroom coverage here

Friday, December 17, 2010

2011 HURTathon

Team HURT is pleased to announce this year's HURTathon race! The team Director has a love for unique race formats and after the success of last year's "classic-sprint-prologue-followed-by-a-skate-race" he has decided to run a "mass-start-continuous-pursuit" event on the wonderful trail system used by the Lake George Ski Team. The trail system features a wide variety of terrain and the race hopes to be one of the highlights of the NYSSRA race schedule.

This years race has been moved from the February date used last year to the new date of January 9th. Many of NYSSRA's finest will be in the area on the 8th for the High School/JOQ/ESG/Masters race at Crandall Park and HURT would like to encourage those competitors to stay and challenge themselves in the HURTathon. Prize money will be awarded to the Top 3 male and female racers. ($50, $30, $20)

Register TODAY!!


Wednesday, December 15, 2010

NYSSRA Season Opener


The Director declares, "LET THE SEASON OF HURT BEGIN!"

A smaller than normal HURT contingent braved the crazy weather on Sunday for the NYSSRA Season Opener at MVH. Early birds were greeted to great conditions and heavy falling snow, that quickly turned into sleet, then heavy rain with the occasional 30 mph wind gust thrown in. Yarsevich remarked "My skis were super fast after some last minute tuning by the director/overlord, but by the 2nd lap the mud, sticks, and occasional fallen tree were really slowing them down."

While the boys in green were outnumbered by Peru's Dark Army, they still scored big points especially in the junior ranks. HURT had 3 of the 8 skiers in the J2 Race, with Brian Halligan and Austin Huneck placing 1st and 2nd Overall. The Director himself made his 2010-2011 racing debut, by battling with the older kids, giving away a foot in height, but giving away nothing in tactics and motivation.

Tim Huneck and Chris Yarsevich had solid races, placing 3rd and 2nd in their age groups respectively. It was also the first appearance of newly acquired HURT mega stud Eric Hamilton grabbing massive points in the M8 category! HURT welcomes Eric and looks forward to all the experience he brings with him.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

The Odd Odd-makers Odds


Just one day before the start of the 2010-2011 NYSSRA ski race season and the Vegas odds-makers have released their final "favorites" report on HURT skiers going into this year's campaign...


Chris Yarsevich: This is an interesting pick for this season. Nobody has a more calculated and focused training plan this this HURT stud. The big wrinkle....Baby Anna. Will sleep depravation impact race performance? or will the fact that while he is feeding her late at night he is doing a wall sit make him an odds on favorite for the Championship?

Vegas Odds: take 3:1 that Baby Anna's size and weight will be the same size as prince Haakon Haakonsson and Chris will consider skiing the 50K classic Loppet with cargo in tow.

Tim Huneck: A real Father's Father, Man's Man and lover of NYSSRA points. Dad Huneck will continue to be pushed by the speed of the up and coming young Huneck talent. Will the training skis with speedster sons make Dad Huenck faster or cause a performance peak on December 26th?

Vegas Odds: Take 5:1 that Tim Huenck, together with sons, will travel at least 10,000 miles and compete in 17 ski races this winter.

Justin Tetlow: He's in D.C.....Is he done?

Vegas Odds: Considering the weird weather pattern of the last few years take 4:1 odds that Justin will have more snow in D.C. than us in upstate NY. He'll find a way to race 11 times, win 3 and score 0 NYSSRA points.

David Kvam: He likes to find a away to finish just off the podium. With more 4th place race finishes and more 2nd place age group standings than anyone in NYSSRA history can Kvam finally get it together? Will his job as Lake George Ski coach make him a better skier or will he pick up the bad habits of his modified racers? In his last year as a Senior competitor, he plans to throw everything he has at this season. Despite making the choice to start his season in Osceloa instead of the opener he looks to capitalize on a focused plan and a high level of fitness. New S-Labs can't hurt either, can they?

Vegas Odds: 2:1 he finds a way to finish 2nd again.

MDH and Ed Luban: The high powered lawyer pair of "Donnelly, Heg and Luban" have been graced with copius amounts of early season snow. Will the extra K's boost their performance or will snow much snow in the Syracuse area mean they have spent all their energy shoveling off their decks?

Vegas Odds: 6:1 that their cars get stuck at least twice with all the sky above Syracuse will dump.

Brian Halligan, Austin Huneck, Adam Luban: Few nordic teams post a junior punch as hard as team HURT. This three headed monster has grown a total of 17 inches since last winter and 9 shoes sizes. Massive speed in the junior ranks and look for it on the ski trails this year.

Vegas Odds: 2:1 that they will grow another 3 shoes sizes before March.

Dan Schwenk: With HURT absorbing Team KNEWHCS from years past, Dan has new motivation to add some more speed to his race weaponry. Look for big results in Western NY masters races.

Vegas Odds: 15:1 that the new green and white suit will take 2 minutes off his Loppet time alone.

Sherry and Richard Dixon: They love to ski and they love to teach.

Vegas Odds: Take 10:1 that they stop mid-race to correct a fellow competitors technique.

Kathy Schwenk, Elyse Sara, Jill Kozoil, and Gabriella Frittelli: The HURT female pain-train. Few NYSSRA clubs have a women's team as deep and accomplished as Team HURT.

Vegas Odds: Take 5:1 that they ski 15K in a 10K race simply because they are tough as nails. And they eat them for breakfast.

Bob Underwood: He eats babies before a classic race. He is still a monster. and there is nothing you can do about it.

Vegas Odds: 1:1 you will wet your speed suit if you line up against him in a classic race.

Matt Tornianen: The last news from Matt T was that he was still rollerskiing up mountains on rollerskis with square wheels. This guy is tough and will make a lot of noise this year.

Vegas Odds: Take 16:1 that he will win a freestyle race on snow on said rollerskis.

Andy Farry: The man likes to rollerski. Boom.

Vegas Odds: Take 13:2 He'll finish 2nd in previous mentioned race, on rollerskis, with an Ipod in his ears.

Matti Tornianen, Alec Davis, Rene Clark, Dave Burt and Eric Hamilton: Their combined race experience is too big for Vegas odd machines to calculate.

Vegas Odds: ??

Jim South: The PIttsburgh dynamo should be back for a few races this season. Look for big improvements from our PA brother.

Vegas Odds: 6:1 he will be skiing in a Penguins hat.

The Director: All will fear him.

Vegas Odds: All will fear him.

ENJOY THE SEASON! See you at the HURTathon!!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

HURT Repeats at Kingston

Using a team that wasn't put together until just before the race, HURT successfully defended its title at the Kingston Rollerski Races Sunday.

The pre-race team roster was large and loaded, but for a variety of reasons - unexpected work duties, unexpected desire to leave HURT and form a new team - only a little more than half the roster showed up on race day. It was more than enough.

Back from last year's team were Martin Donnelly-Heg, Sean Halligan, Tim Huneck, Carol Fisher, Chris Frielinghaus, and Brian Halligan. New were Austin Huneck, Eddie Luban, and Drew Mahoney. Also new were B. Halligan's freshly doped wheels.

A rule change forced the team to pre-select its 4 scoring members. Last year, we were able to wait and see who had the best day before naming the team. After much consultation, it was decided to use MDH and Fisher in the 5K classic race and the young guns, A. Huneck and B. Halligan, in the 10K skate race.

The plan worked to perfection in the 5K. Fisher had a great race and MDH repeated his win from last year, breaking his own course record in the process. He was pushed all the way by a strong pack and only pulled ahead of Queensbury's Nick Underwood at the end. Nick's ski was especially impressive as he was the only member of the lead pack on undoped wheels. However, it was later revealed that the skis belong to his father, Jim, and were at least 20 years old. Could they have been doped wheels from another era?

A. Huneck showed no respect for his elders by taking advantage of his father's late race bobble and nipping the old man at the line for third. B. Halligan rounded out the top 5.

The skate race was over in the first 100 meters as S. Halligan shot off the line and never looked back, repeating his win from last year and also breaking his own course record. This happened after he gave up his spot on the official team because he thought the young guns were ready to take over. Not quite, but the young guns held their own. A. Huneck finished third and B. Halligan fourth just behind MDH. HURT/Queensbury skier Will Frielinghaus had a strong performance, finishing eighth on wheels that were undoped in this, or any other, era.

The racing was great, but the highlight of this event was the post race feed, massage and raffel. This year winners got to choose from the prize table first and HURT skiers walked away with skis, poles and hydration packs. The only disappointment was the absence of the Kingston video girls, but maybe the contract dispute will be resolved by next year. Everyone should do this event next year!

HURT and Queensbury skiers show off their trophies. HURT won the open race. Queensbury captured the scholastic division.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

No Deal for Diehl

Despite the HRT news team sadly being unable to offer in-depth coverage of the Kingston Race weekend, and the Kingston High School Girls remaining unwilling to follow up their Emmy/Grammy/Fuzzy award winning directorial effort last year because of contract disputes, the News Room is on hand to offer the following breaking news....

Doug Diehl, previously of Team HURT and Peru Nordic is on the move again. He is preparing to launch a new NYSSRA nordic club to compete with the already established nordic powerhouses. The following statement was sent to HRT...

"In an attempt to make the NYSSRA team competition more interesting I'm applying for a team sanction to form a squad. I think I can get 3 skiers from the central Adirondacks plus put forth a solid Southern Adirondack recruiting effort. Watch out for the dark horse!"

Game on.

Monday, November 15, 2010

HRT Television: Sufferfest

HUNECK TAKES THE TITLE! Hurt takes the team title and finishes 1,2,6,7,8, 10, 14, 15, 18 to take the team title. Full results found here.


Pictures from the day.

The video tells the story.

Visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ArMYRv4MuQ

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Buckle Up! Its time to Roll!!!...Sufferfest weekend looms...

...And the women may steal the show.

Sufferfest weekend has long been circled on the calendar as the official start of the 2010-2011 nordic ski race campaign for the HURT faithful. With the boys-in-blue (or black now I guess) are off in Muonio the "green tide" is prepared to descend (or ascend) on the Prospect Highway. The "Team Director-Supreme-Overlord" has hopes his skiers from across the state to join in the campaign. Central Skiers, E. Luban, A. Luban and MDH may even attend after months of solid training blocks in the hills of central NY.

The Director, as with all great dictators/nordic masterminds, has waited until this moment to unveil some of the biggest team news yet. The following statement was issued by the Director himself to all major news outlets.

"In an unprecedented move, HURT nordic has now signed TWO new members to the HURT WOMEN's DIVISION. This is, and has historically been, a relatively untapped area of massive NYSSRA points and this news will no doubt strike fear and doubt into the hearts of the statewide rival clubs. Gabriella Frittelli (from the Saratoga area) and Elyse Sara (lives in Brooklyn, formerly a Nisky star) have signed lucrative one year deals with the club and both have plans to join the team on snow. Gabriella plans to join in the fun on Sunday. Elyse and Gabriella will join the stalwart group of Sherry Dixon, Jill Hamilton Kozoil, Kathy Schwenk (I apologize to KS for not looking at my updated form before the first draft) and of course "The Queen". The women's juggernaut may be tough to tangle with once the snow flies."

(Picture this train of women in HURT suits...you'll be seeing a similar sight all winter long!)

Additionally, It was learned by our investigative team at the HRT news room that a women's team prospect may be waiting in the wings if the conditions are right. Hat Nerz reports that a "yet to be named" prospect (hence-forth referred to as KP) will make her minor league debut as a Team "HOMP" (Hurt's Official Molly Pitcher). Don't let the minor league status fool you. She is one fierce mountain climbing champ and will utilize her skills to lighten the load for some of the HURT speedsters. She will also employ her cinematic skills to aid the lads in post race analysis. We caught up with the incognito KP.

HN: "So KP...you are an official HOMP for this years Sufferfest. How do you feel about this?

KP: "It's a complicated situation Hat, on one hand I probably could win this thing. I am really excited about the new wicked fast Atomic skis I just purchased and feel like I could probably tangle with Doug, Chris and some of the other heavy hitters. I mean, I never have been on rollerskis, but if men can do it, any woman can. Am I right ladies?! Holla!

HN: But your hiking instead....to support the HURT men?

KP: Look, Molly Pitcher is a gendered symbol of nationalism and in some academic circles is found to be an inappropriate symbol of prescribed roles that indicate that the women's place is to be on the sidelines supporting the men as they prepare for battle. Part of this turns my stomach, but the other part of me is like, "Hey, Check me out! I'm a HOMP! Those guys only have to do HALF the hiking that I do, AND they are doing the hiking the easy downhill part. PLUS I am carrying WAY MORE WEIGHT than any of them! Not to mention they are ROLLING! Who's SUFFERIN' Now! (wusses...whispered)

HN: Thanks KP, I am quite sure after this interview you will win the hiking division.

Monday, November 8, 2010


Golf Course + Fishscales + 1" New Snow = Sweet Classical Conditions

HURT Fesitval of Pain a Success

What does 12 miles of running and 75 Km of rollerskiing get you in one weekend?

The HURT Festival of Pain and one damn nice training block. Thanks to everyone who came out for any or all of the events.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Team Director fires back

It was reported through an (unreliable) news source that nemesis Peru Nordic Ski Club MAY have made a fool-hearty attempt to nab two of HURT's finest while isolating them in the hinterlands of Vermont. It was a tactic modeled after the tactics used by preying wolves and African big cats...isolate, and pounce. However, it has been recently confirmed that strength and loyalty has been exercised by A. Farry and J. South and they will fly HURT colors this upcoming season.

However, the Director, in response to the attempt made by Peru, went right out and added two additional signings that will further bolster team points, send a message to Peru, and add a pipeline of recruits coming through the Lapland Lake feeder system. HURT just signed Sherry and Richard Dixon of Mayfield, NY to the Masters roster and they look to secure massive points in the Master categories.

All of HURT welcomes the new addition and are looking forward to seeing all the Green and White out there!

Happy Training.

Join us for the HURT "Festival of Pain"!!

HURT Festival of Pain Nov 5-7th

The HURT Festival of Pain returns for 2010, with more distance, more climbing, and generally more pain.

Friday Night 5pm
12 Miles of Pain (Run)


Sunday Morning 9am

"Feeling it 40K Rollerski" Now with more climbing!
The below link shows last year's route, we will be throwing in a few extra surprises.

See you there!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Training to Suffer

Today saw Matt Tornianen, Dave Kvam, Austin Huneck and Tim Huneck make the first of two HURT sponsored training skis up the Prospect highway in preparation for the upcoming "Sufferfest" Hill climb in two weeks. The boys strapped on the speed reducers, slow wheels and worked with controlled pacing to acclimate themsleves to the road. The pictures tell the story...

The ski of the day goes to Matt Tornianen who skied with wheels that
a) barely exist
b) hardly turn
c) probably work better moving backwards
d) are so old and worn that "round" is not a good word to describe them.

However, he slugged it out and is SO MUCH stronger for the effort. watch out.

By the way....thats not to mention the boots he used....which are now collectors items and worth as much as a pair of carbonlites....only if they were in mint condish, in the originally packaging. Neither of which is the case so basically they are worthless.....However, do remain undoubtably cool.

In other news...On the way down the prospect Highway it was discovered that someone or something found and stole Tim Huneck's Championship HURT race suit top. The highly prized item was unwrapped, unfolded and taken from behind the rock where it lay. Initially it was assumed that this was an evil deed carried out by rival Peru Nordic but then it was deemed that this act was indeed to heinous for even Peru. Needless to say, if some unknown hiker or biker is seen wearing said jersey the rath and power of the Director, A. Huneck, will be unleashed. Have mercy on this persons soul.

Either that...or there is one really good looking bear wandering around Lake Geroge.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Under a Watchful Eye

The HRT Newsroom caught up with a number of the HURT faithful this past weekend in Clifton Park as "Team Director and Supreme Noric Overlord", A. Huneck, demanded to see a few of his athletes in race action at the Clifton Park Duathlon.

For those of you that have been following the summers HURT news and keeping tabs on their plan world conquest/domination/infestation you will know that the reaches of Team HURT are now approaching the Ohio River Valley. With late summer signings of the Schwenks and the big local signings of Koziol/Hamilton family, HURT has themselves poised to enter the ski season flying high. Like any dictator, the Director has been stretched thin managing the state wide nordic fronts and keeping tabs on his athletes improvements has become nearly a full-time job. Fortunately, his schedule now allows for a study hall 6th period on MWF and two study halls on TTH. He had to drop French but...eh....

He spent this past Sunday overlooking the race course in Clifton Park as D. Kvam, T. Huneck, J. Koziol and "The Queen" G. Huneck competed in a field of 140 in the Run, Bike, Run format. He pulled his brother, last minute, from the race feeling that his cross-country running schedule was keeping him primed enough for early season snow.


We caught up with the Director to ask him about the race...

HRT: So, what are thoughts about todays showing?

TD: "I am very pleased with the strengthening of our women's division. Jill brings power, drive and positive attitude to the race scene that is infectious and I am excited to see the women's division move onto rollerskis. They will be formidable. The Kingston Team competition may be already in the bag."

HRT: is that a guarantee?

TD: Well...I can guarantee this....we will finish in at least 4th place. We have a MONOPOLY on 4th place finishes. Just look at the results. G. Huneck (4th place age group) J. Kozoil (4th place age group) D. Kvam (4th place overall) BOOM! NOBODY FINISHES IN 4th PLACE in October and November like TEAM HURT!!!!

Oh...I have to leave...sorry I can't talk......I just placed a quick bet at OTB in the 4th race for "Foremans Fortune" to finish 4th by 4 lengths. I think I have some major coin to pick up.....adios

HRT: (shouting after a running TD) what are your predictions for SUFFERFEST in the pick'em competition???

TD: (shouting back) idunno....but either a Kvam, Yarsevich, Farry, or a Huneck will be fourth.....

See you this Saturday at 10:00am as TEAM HURT plans its first of two training day in preparation for the annual SUFFERFEST hill climb. With extra preparation we will sweep 1 THROUGH 4!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

HURT Beats US Ski Team to Snow

Director Aaron Huneck:

"Those suckers on the US Ski Team were training in Lake Placid all last week. If only they knew this week was going to be the real deal, 2 feet of snow at the top of Whiteface!"

Tim Has Lost His Legs

Sweet Ski Track

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Slow As......

The team's first uphill skate intervals of the season were last night and boy were they hard. Then again, that is why we do them!

The Director reviewed average speed, heart rate, and took blood samples after each run to monitor lactic build up. He was most unhappy with older brother Austin's performance.

"I mean come on now, he is not even allowed to think of skiing right now because of "cross country" so his performance numbers are really suffering, like he was totally absent from these runs."

Friday, October 1, 2010

Train to Suffer

HURT nordic announces training days up Prospect Mtn. Highway in Lake George. Plan to be there. For more info visit http://www.hurtnordicskiing.com/trainingdays.html

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Welcome October...and HURT (far) West.

As the October and the ski season officially starts and rollerskis spin on the pavement across NY, the Director continues to push the definition of "Hudson United". Citing a early 1900's survey report and map file, A. Huneck has deemed the great city of Rochester, NY part of the Hudson region. The Erie Canal unites the Hudson with the far west regions of the state has opened the door for two MAJOR HURT signings this past week.

In testimony before FIS and Congress, the Director made his plee to sign Dan and Kathy Schwenk to team HURT who for years have been languishing under team KNEWHCS. Having been looked over by RNR and Rochester XC Foundation it was easy to see why the Director was driven to sign the Masters Women Champ in Kathy and long time Masters star, Dan. It was doubtful for a long time if the signing could be made legal, but the testimony of S. Colbert, (who spent one day in a field standing on a nordic ski) swayed Congress to decide in favor of the young Nordic Czar.

RNR and Peru thought it insulting that Colbert was even brought in to comment on the disputed signing. "It is just plain rude and not funny" they told the crazy blond lady from Fox News in a post conference interview.

"I thought it was demeaning when he said...."This is Rochester!, I don’t want my tomato picked by a Mexican. I want it picked by an American, then sliced by a Guatemalan and served by a Venezuelan in a spa where a Chilean is giving me a Brazilian....after I go nordic skiing in a HURT uniform."

Dan and Kathy join Jill hamilton Kozoil, Gina Huneck and Eric Hamilton as the big off season signings for team HURT. They should help fill the gap left by the departure of Tetlow and others who have moved on from the team.

Following the signing, the Director released a" State of the Nation" report to all team skiers about uniforms, sanctioning and our upcoming race. If you are currently on the team and have not received a copy of this release, please post your email below or email it to hurtnordic@gmail.com. I don't seem to have an email address for all of you.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Farry ups the ante

On the third installment of HURT over distance Sunday sessions it was mild mannered Andy Farry that inspired the team to action leading into the ever-important fall training block. A day after figuratively crushing himself and dueling up the famed "Hill Of Death" with teammate Doug Diehl and a swarm of Peru Nordies, Andy showed up bright and early in Queensbury for a over distance ski. He was joined by Kvam, Yarsevich, T. Huneck, A. Huneck, B. Halligan and Saratoga's Sean Halligan.

Only he skied TO the workout.


When asked about his massive rollerski effort Farry answered: "With tabloid reports that Tetlow's future may be doubtful for the winter, I wanted to make sure someone was ready to step up. Besides....the acronym "HOD" was put into my Ical on the whole weekend and I guess I thought it was all one event....Hill Of Death....HURT O.D.

The team were treated to a rolling ski up the Glens Falls/ Lake George bike path, through the village and up the big climb up toward Warrensburg. The elder Halligan was dismayed at times given his unfortunate misunderstanding of the course profile. It appears that when The Director sent Halligan the course profile he sent him this:

However, in reality the course was more like:

It is currently being investigated whether this was an early season prank to rattle the Saratoga skier.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

To the Border

This weekend saw a 400% improvement in OD participation as HURT skiers clipped in and headed for a OD bike ride through Washington County to Vermont. The regulars (Yarsevich, Kvam and Huneck) were joined by HURT west's Ed Luban on a cool, cloudy, and sometimes spitting Sunday for a 91 mile ride from Round Lake through Cambridge to the border and back.

We asked why the boys did not ride the 9 miles needed to make it a perfect century, here is what they said.

Ed: Using a complicated system of algebra, trigonometry, and calculus I determined that the energy output needed to drive my vehicle from Syracuse equalled 9.12003 miles of biking and quite frankly I was worried about overtraining.

Yarsevich: WHAT?! I bike from Saratoga TO the start of the ride. I think I was at least 113!!!

Huneck: Don't you round up?

Kvam: Uh Uh Uh...I just wanted to honor the death of famed rocker Freddie Mercury who died in 1991. '91....get it.....91 miles.....1991! Really that was the only reason.

Needless to say.....The Director was not pleased......well.....pleased with Chris.

Enjoy the pics.

Complimentary profile shot

At the Border.

See you next week for a OD distance skate ski in Glens Falls. See http://www.hurtnordicskiing.com/trainingdays.html for details. Map is posted on that page. See you there!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

OVER the distance

HURT skiers are in the midst of a training block focused on making the transition from summer base training into a period of increased volume, ski specific strength and increased intensity. The Director has carefully timed out the teams plan to focus on peak performances right around the time the Super Tour rolls into Lake Placid in January. The First of team events was an OD run, last Sunday. And will continue with a long OD bike ride this upcoming Sunday.

This run event was poorly attended. The Director was not pleased.

But that's not to say the team was not hard at work.

The bike OD has a number of confirmed participants. The Director is very pleased.

-Reports from fasterskier show the MDH (after no news for an long time) is working hard both rollerskiing and communicating with fellow rollerskiers via fasterskier. The Director is very pleased.

-Ed and Kay visited Gatineau Park, incognito. They did not want to risk tipping off the powerful X-C Ottawa team on their home turf, being guests in a foreign country (a country even more foreign than Peru, NY). Greg Christie's Ski & Cycle Works appeared closed for the Labour Day holiday, but we noticed an open door. They tried to sneak in to see if we could uncover some top secret wax concoctions, only to be met by Greg himself at the door. It appears Team C-A-N-A-D-E-H is full of pedaling "hard-men" biking through the pouring rain. There's more, much more, but the balance of our report is for the Director's eyes (ears?) only.

-Dave has taking the philosophy of "over-distance" and moved his whole base of operation to the MIDDLE OF FREAKIN' NOWHERE. His new living situation has made it so he has to run, bike, fan-boat, hang-glide, roller-ski, bush-plane, bike, drive and crabwalk MANY MANY miles just to go to grocery store. Lots of OD training in beautiful country for him. His proximity to the Vermont boarder leads the director to believe that he will get faster just by breathing their air. The Director is very pleased.

Please note.....The bike time has been changed to 10:00 am on Sunday to allow for HURT west to arrive without red eyes.

Also....Team rollerski has been moved to Thursday again. 5:00pm SPAC.

Friday, August 27, 2010

As summer cools off, HURT heats up.

There is big news from the Team HURT command center (as reported last night on the "HRT nightly news and world report" , cable channel 243038). The Director has released three September dates for distance training and HURT recruitment. HURT team members are encouraged (recommended/suggested/demanded/implored) to attend as many of the OD Days as possible. Any prospective team prospects are likewise encouraged to join. For details on the training events and maps of the routes please visit http://www.hurtnordicskiing.com/trainingdays.html.

In other news, there has been a leak out of the team command center and some TOP SECRET INFORMATION may have fallen into the hands of the HRT news team (who then promptly sold the information for massive amounts of cash may have seen in the latest issue of World News Report...Hat Nerz wants a new pair of carbonlites). None of the following information can officially be confirmed but this is what we know.

-HURT MAY have offered a big nordic contract to a high profile NYS nordic skier who earns massive amounts of NYSSRA points.
-HURT MAY have likewise offered the family members of "said nordic athlete" similar contracts (also who earn massive NYSSRA points.)
-"Said Nordic Skier" may have years and years of nordic racing experience
-"Said Nordic Skier" may have been responsible for the development of countless youth in in the greater Albany area.
-"Said Nordic Skier" has not officially commented on his status but is currently in negotiations with team attorneys.

Following the report by World News, HRT called the TEam Director for comments.

HRT: Can you confirm the report printed in World News?

D: WHO GOT THIS INFORMATION!!! This was supposed to be the nordic bombshell that would shake the foundations of the nordic world!!! It is a very sensitive situation and we did not want this to go public!! This darn report may end the whole deal before its even done. Unbelievable!

It like coaxing a chipmunk to eat from your hand....if you make big dramatic moves he just runs away! jeesh. I certainly hope this doesn't ruin things for us.

HRT: So you can confirm the report then?

D: Oh...THAT was the question?!? ugh...ugh...ugh...no comment.

HRT: Do you feel like this signing will lock up the team championship?

D: ugh...no comment

HRT: Will this make you faster as a team? can you compete with RNR?

D: ugh......no comment

HRT: Does this have anything to do with Peru Nordic Masters loosing their team facilities and massive amounts of funding?

D: ugh...no comment

As you can see the Director clammed up like a Long Island oyster.
Stay tuned for more updates.

The Director


Thursday, August 19, 2010

HURT East and West Unite, Kind of Like Voltron!

Wednesday August 18th, brought together members of HURT West (Adam and Ed Luban) with Wednesday night regulars Chris, Tim, and Austin. The joining of forces created one mega-powerful super skier that threw down destruction on the neighborhoods of Clifton Park!

Famous 1980’s Voltron Quote : “Form feet and legs; form arms and body; and I'll form the head!”

After a solid workout of double poling and specific strength the team went to work on strategizing for the upcoming season. The action items coming out of the brain trust were the following:

1) Get the director out recruiting ASAP. We know Peru are building their evil ranks, we need to respond.

2) Prevent Adam from peaking at this week’s Stratton Ski Camp. Last year he beat up on everyone except one ex-Olympian and then paid for it the rest of the season.

3) Quietly continue building Austin into a super skier. Heck, he has already grown a foot or so this year and gotten way stronger. He is going to show those Vermont kids his new form this week.

4) Have the director sign a major advertising sponsor to help retain Justin and Dave, so they won’t have to look for “real” jobs. It’s like skiing it not a real job?!

5) Get Ed doped roller ski wheels.

Monday, August 2, 2010

The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

This past weekend was the annual 'Iron Maiden' Triathlon in Peru, NY and it was HURT nordic who showed up in force to contend for the title. Representing the deepest team in the field was T. Huneck, A. Huneck, The Director, D. Kvam, and Brian Halligan. Even the Queen showed up. As usual, the HRT news team was on hand to bring you a breakdown of the event.

The chase

The Good- HURT goes 2,3,4,5 to dominate the team title competition. Huge efforts were put down by HURT young guns Austin Huneck and Brian Halligan. Halligan's second fastest run leg was only eclipsed in excellence by A. Huneck's bike dual-royale with race veteran Chris Rose.

The Bad- Kvam blows it. With the absence of last years champion M. Wynn, Kvam wore the cloak of the race favorite. Things seemed to be going that way early. After putting minutes into the main chase field in the short run course and fighting tooth and nail in a solo break on the bike to add even more seconds into the main chase pack of 3 (A. Huneck, C. Rose, T.Huneck) Kvam found a way to blow the race in the final 600 meters. After being totally pegged the whole race it appears he was crippled by intense cramping during the 20% portion of the Hill of Death. His crumbling legs allowed a savvy and controlled Rose to catch and lay down one final massive attack to bury the humiliated Kvam. We caught up with Kvam after the race.

Just before the epic collapse

HRT: What the heck happened?

Kvam: I think it was watching the TDF in the rain that did it. As a huge fan of Andy Schleck I think I learned by osmosis how to blow a race that I had for all intensive purposes won, to a more crafty and race-savvy veteran. I didn't respect the Hill of Death enough and thought I could just run away with this victory at full speed. absolutely embarrassing. Lesson learned though, "if you laugh in the face of the HOD, it will kill you"

Kvam opening it up on the run


This Dude