Wednesday, June 30, 2010

HURT velo in action

The big wheels keep on turning for HURT Velo as the team continues to slowly but surely shift focus into ski specific strength and rollerskiing.

The Western flank of HURT Velo made a good operation at the Owasco Flyer, a 36-mi. hilly bike race around Owasco Lake. A. Luban finished 4th among 18 and under boys. The competition wasn't too shabby either--the kid who won rides for the University of Colorado. Just two seconds later, E. Luban and new team acquisition Kay Simonson, making her bike racing debut, crossed the finish line in 4th place out of 8 (!) tandems. Although the race was close to their training grounds, RNR were conspicuous by their absence from the 250-strong field of riders. Some speculated that "ROC's" non-appearance could be related to fallout from recent bike reports that a search warrant has been issued for the owner of Rock Racing as part of an ongoing investigation into performance-enhancing drugs and other team problems. RNR/ROC/Rock . . . perhaps there's more there than meets the eye . . . its a lot of R's.

The TT season is in full swing as Kvam posted a new PR for the 10 mile River Road TT course. On a night that saw fierce winds and the majority of the field slow down compared to previous weeks, Kvam was able to drop over 15 seconds from the week before and post his best time by 1.2 seconds. It isn't much, but it is a great sign of things to come as he prepares to set off on a 12 day cycling adventure in the Pyrenees Mountains following the 2010 Tour de France. Training will be top secret but it is speculated that it will be long hours and tons of climbing.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

HURT update

The HRT News Team caught up with skiers this past week to update the teams progress over the past few weeks. June has seen a "divide and conquer" attitude amongst HURT athletes as the month has been filled with a variety of bagged peaks, bike races, TT's, Trail Runs and general strength and fitness training. The Director himself has a set the tone for the upcoming months with a victory in Vermont's "NORDIC CUP" Soccer tournament. HURT is poised to replicate the results across the NYSSRA and NENSA scene. As momentum builds towards the first Summer test..."The Iron Maiden Triathlon"...we met HURT skiers after their Wednesday night Double Pole and Strength Section...

Regulars Kvam, Tetlow, A. and T. Huneck are joined this week by Pat Clancy, traditionally a biathlete, Clancy joined in for a double pole throw down. Perhaps a new recruit?

Efforts to bring in new recruits has seen HURT leaders go south for untapped talent.

Tetlow lays claim to the only person who has ever double poled so fast to strip the paint off his boards. (claim has gone unsupported but it is badass just the same)