Sunday, July 26, 2015

HURT Camp 2015

July brings the real summer heat and the annual HURT nordic junior development ski camp.  Each year the camp seems to get better and this year was no exception.  Camp this year featured several new additions.  HURT brought in some very experienced coaching from Adam Terko (Mansfield Nordic), Callie Douglass (Vermont EHSC team and Colby assistant coach),  Ethan Townsend (SLU head coach), Steve Tomb (Johnsburg Nordic) and HURT's DPK and Bob Underwood.  Additionally, the new coaching internship program brought in Seth Mares (Michigan Tech, HURT) and Hilary Saucy (UMPI).  All this leadership meant juniors were treated to small group work and plenty of technical feedback over the week.  

The week started with a focus on goal setting, teamwork and new physical challenges.  ACC opened up their challenge and high ropes course to HURT campers and it created a nice illustration of the way athletes set lofty goals, calculate mini-process goals, work as a team, adapt to challenges and overcome obstacles.  Many of the challenges high level nordic skiers face are mental and this gave our athletes a chance to face their own fears and get after it!  There is nothing quite like jumping off that pamper-pole!  

 taking a page out of old-school Norwegian ski training

keeping the team all on the wires

vertical playpen

In between morning and afternoon training sessions, coaches took an opportunity to talk about many aspects of being a nordic athlete.  USA development biathlete Brian Halligan shared valuable knowledge on periodization, Callie and Ethan talked about NCAA skiing, DPK talked about club skiing and opportunities of NY high school skiers and Coach Tomb talked through pre-race mental preparations, positive self-talk, recovery and rest.  So much valuable information for athletes at EVERY LEVEL! 

While much of the week was spent rollerskiing, doing technique drills, getting long easy distance on rollerskis, and building a strong base; the week featured a fast and furious uphill time trial and skate TT.  For the first time ever, EVERY SINGLE hurt camper broke 30 minutes on the uphill run up West Mountain.  While the Ben Anderson course record remains intact, it was the most competitive at the front of the race as well.  Campers were joined by MWSC standout Austin Huneck and Clarkson sophomore Brian Chrzan.  Check out the solid results below:
Austin Huneck* 15:28
Nino Manzella   15:31
DPK*   16:04
Adam Terko*   16:13
Seamus Tomb   16:17
Eric Houck   16:31
Brian Chrzan*   16:41
Seth Mares*   16:53
Aaron Huneck   17:40
Casey T.   17:47
Owen P.   18:28
Adam C.   18:32
Justin   18:39
Joe    18:42
Sarah D.   18:59
Tyler   19:20
Dan M.   19:50
Dowon L.   19:51
Adam M.   19:54
Hilary Saucy*   20:03
Ben   20:20
Sullivan   20:41
Amy D.   20:47
Eliza Blood   21:16
James C.   22:20
Brendan T.   22:29
Claire L.   23:25
Sophie   25:50
Nick   27:14
Sarah M.   27:59
Anna   28:04
Emily   28:10
Allison   28:25

Group shot at the summit

Special Thanks to Rudy Project, Stewarts Shops, Price Chopper and The Sportspage in Queensbury for their continued support of the junior ski camp.  The new Rudy's were the coveted prizes and the new race poles from Sportspage will be great on the snow.  And the Stewart's ice cream....what a great treat! 
It is awesome to have such great support from such fine business and supporters of youth camps. 

It wasn't all work and no play....the HURT ladies saw to that.  When asked by HURT nordic "HOW WILL YOU BRING IT?".....they answered........"with whips".  Check out the video here:

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Keep your eyes on all HURT social media outlets for upcoming August "Big Dayz".  Seth is already setting up something for August 1st and DPK is looking to set up another assault on on the Green Mountains.