Wednesday, June 6, 2018

One Skier

For long-time followers of HURT-nation and readers of this blog, the name "Brian Halligan" garners thoughts that hearken back to a time when a young U16 scamp zipped around nordic trails with friends Austin Huneck and Adam Luban....the original junior juggernaut that launched HURT to the world stage.

For those friends and families who have been with us for the last five years or so, the name Brian Halligan, is synonymous with top talent from HURT nation competing at world junior biathlon and on the cusp of USA Biathlon glory.

Those new to the game know Brian Halligan as a dedicated, passionate, and talented junior coach that continually aims to instill knowledge and passion for everything nordic in others.

Oh yeah.....and he's nordic media mogul  and exporter of the nordic lifestyle. 

In looking back through the HURT archives you would be hard-pressed to find one HURT skier more central to it's success, development, and current place in the NYS skiing landscape.

One skier really can do an awful lot.  It is with great pleasure that we watch Brian take on his next adventure as he moves to California to serve as Biathlon Program Director for the Auburn Ski Club.  We will miss his energy, his leadership, and seeing him zip by in a race.  All of HURT nation wishes him the best of luck.

On a personal note....Perhaps the finest thing about Brian's decade of involvement with the Hudson United Racing Team is that he has shown the limitless capacity to reinvent his involvement with the club and limitless capacity to creatively share his love of this sport.  In my view, everyone in HURT nation has this capacity and that is what makes us work.  Involvement and participation may wax and wane: juniors become collegiate-pop-ins, collegiate skiers become citizen racers, racers become parents, and parents become coaches, coaches become skiers again... the power of reinvention is what drives the HURT engine.

It is with this idea in mind, that I am happy to announce that our new Junior Program Director will be Aaron Huneck.  Yes...that Aaron Huneck.  The original Director. The Dictator-n-Chief....newly crowned Shenendehowa Nordic coach and adventure sport guru.

We look forward to working with Aaron and we know our juniors will too.

Bring the HURT Brian.  Bring the HURT Aaron.