Sunday, October 8, 2017

Not your grammy's race season...

So...You know those whap-sticks that you have been using in order to shock your neighbors, cause traffic disruptions, and fantasize about coming winter glory?

NYSSRA and NENSA clubs are embracing these tools of destruction like never before.  In past seasons, the avid/insane could jump in a Climb to a Castle or dodge soccer balls in Kingston...but generally, when people in our area went road-skiing it looked more like this...
HURT training 2011*

than this....
HURT training 2017*
* visual approximations

But NOW.....look at what is being offered 

1) had the Climb to the Castle (you missed this....sorry)
2) And before had this gem resurrected  (you missed that too!)
3) And just recently you had this dynamo event  (come on! stop the xc running and ski already!)

it's alright....You have a chance to get back on track with these upcoming awesome rollerski opportunities..

4) Our frienimies at GHN-ADK Vauhti are holding a roller ski race! October 29th It is the first annual GHN-ADK rollerski race. They have secured the car-free bike path between Rotterdam and Schenectady for 3 nice safe race distances. Check out the details here:

5) Then on November 4th, you should make your way up to Stowe, VT for the NENSA kickoff party.  I know, it isn't a race...but they are having an elite rollerski invitational race up to Trapps featuring all your favorite Olympians and many domestic idols.  It is as close to the Blink Festival as you are gonna see in the States.  So....unless you are headed to Norway should go.  Drive up, peep some leaves and watch the best!

6) A week later we are busting out the HURT NORDIC NYS Rollerski Championship.  Yep.  Gonna be awesome. SPAC.  November 12th (note the earlier week from last year) Register now:

So.....we got your rollerskiing covered.  By the anyone else thinking what I am thinking?.....this looks a lot like a series?!?***....hmmmmm....the future?!?

***I mean if people in low-lying coastal communities (and just about every other type of community) are having to recreate their existence due to extreme climate volatility it makes sense that NYSSRA re-thinks itself and considers a legit rollerski series...right? I mean these two things are in no real way equivalent....but all the same...

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