Sunday, February 25, 2018

On paper

On paper, most connoisseurs of world cup skiing would not pick Jessie Diggins to overtake Stina Nilsson in a 100 meter drag race at the end of a sprint.

On paper, most folks in Section 2 would not have picked the 2018 Section champion to be someone other than Emily Atamanchuk or Anna Weidman.

On paper, the only winter sport that Dave PK should ever beat Brian Halligan in is competitive ice-checkers (maybe).

On paper, HURT nordic should never lose a club points series to the much smaller GVH-ADK Vauhti team.

Nordic skiing isn't done on paper.

And because you actually have to show up in this sport, we learned a few things: thanks to the unrelenting grit and dogged determination of the US women a new era of nordic skiing is born in the U.S.A, and the name Bailey Gengel is particularly interesting at the State Meet next week, and DPK can wax a real pair of boards for slush-mush conditions, and the once-deemed unbeatable HURT nation can lose a points series, if they don't show up.

First non-HURT club champs since 2009 #tipofthehat

You have to show up.  There are no "givens" in this sport.

There is no "given" that kickzone media's speed rankings determine the results at States.

There is no "given" that the next ski race will even happen.

There is no "given" that snow today will be around tomorrow.

There is no "given" that NY will always have a citizen nordic series.

There is no "given" that NY will come in last at Eastern High School Championship and U16's and that Vermont will always walk away with the regional titles.

This sport thrives when folks show up.  It thrives when they step out the door and clip in to their touring skis. It thrives when they encourage their kids to go to park and play around in the dwindling snow piles.  It thrives when folks like the Schreiners manage to piece together a race course after a massive thaw.  It thrives when folks volunteer at ski races to help time, record bibs, register, monitor course or sort prizes. And it thrives when folks show up to race, not because they are in prime shape to win, but because there is strength, camaraderie and community in numbers.

Winter racing may be over for most....or we may get one last blast.  But if you have a chance to be on that U16 team, or EHSC team, or ski in Spring race, or get out in the back country...we hope that you decide to show up.

There is a new era in U.S. Nordic.  and we want to see it thrive.