Monday, April 16, 2018

HURT Summer?

Having finished scraping ice off my car and preparing my skis for my ski tomorrow, I guess now is a good time to fill you in on the new and improved summer offerings, and adjusted member benefits  from HURT.  According to our intense analysis of data that has been collected over thousands of years we can say with slightly greater than 51% certainty that Spring will arrive and Summer will follow it.  So here it goes....

HURT CAMP:  This year we are changing things up a bit for HURT camp.  Instead of a 6 day camp at the end of July, we are offering a 4 day camp at the beginning of July.  Camp will run from July 9th to the 12th at Camp Meadowbrook in Queensbury.  We are excited to add Mr. Tim Whiton, head coach of the University of Maine at Presque Isle, to our coaching roster and looking to bring you 4 days of intense work and nordic specific training.  Registration is open now: and the camp will close at 40 participants.  We do expect it to sell out, so register today.

MINI CAMPS:  We have shortened and earlified(?) HURT camp to allow for two additional 3-day mini camps for those in in the HURT silver team program.  Check the calendar here: to see the preliminary dates for those camps.  Our goal is to hold one of these camps out in western NY to co-mingle and co-train with our nordic mates at RNR and the other mini-camp will be held either in Lake Placid to train with NYSEF or in Vermont to train with our pug friends at Mansfield Nordic.  Stay tuned for details and sign up for the silver program to take part of this training opportunity.  This mini-camp will be a great way to continue the hard work of HURT camp through the whole summer into the start of your school year.

Speaking of "Silver team" may be wondering...what is that? 

HURT has levels of participation. Basic. Bronze. Silver. Gold.

Here is what they are and who they are for.

Basic: For an annual membership of $5.00 you can sell your soul to HURT nation. You are on the team.  You can order gear at wicked discount prices.  Sportspage will hook you up.  You score points for us in club races when you ski for HURT.  Anyone and Everyone should be a basic member.

Bronze: Your soul is sold.  And you get a training plan.  All for $80.00. You will receive a generic 6 month off-season training plan (May-October) or (June-November) made appropriate for your age.   
As a Bronze member, you are welcome to attend our "Strength and Speed" training sessions on Monday evenings with Coach Tomb.  Here at these practices you will do contained drills on rollerskis, and have strength circuits and full-body training from our development coaches. We recommend this training for young and old, beginner and experienced skiers.  We feel if you are an aspiring middle-school skier or high school skier we highly recommend this level for you.  If you are a Open/Master skier looking for a little structure this is a good one for you, too.

Silver: Soul, yes, we have it. Hours of your life too.  You get a training plan and a tailored strength program.  And the opportunity to train twice a week with dedicated juniors like yourself. And technique coaching.  All for $180.00.  As a Silver member you can do the Strength and Speed sessions as well as Thursday night technique coaching in July and August.  And the mini-camps.  We recommend this for experienced juniors with lofty goals.

Anyone who has purchased the Silver or Gold training program for the summer of 2018 before June 1st will receive the "HURT" edition of our best selling sunglasses; the Competition Pro glasses free of charge courtesy of Kick Zone Media

Gold: one-one coaching, goal setting, testing and training.  All the benefits of the silver crew too.

Anyone who has purchased the Silver or Gold training program for the summer of 2018 before June 1st will receive the "HURT" edition of our best selling sunglasses; the Competition Pro glasses free of charge courtesy of Kick Zone Media


To sign up for camp, or any of these membership opportunities please visit our website:  

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