Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Up and Coming

With the club race season officially underway, and the local high school race circus reeved up to full steam, it is a good time to take a look at what is up and coming.  In an effort to bring some much needed excitement to the blog-o-shere universe we here at the HRT Newsroom has spent all our war chest cash to hire a new dynamic creative director, media specialist and 3D graphics guru (only recently rejected from CNN) to bring you a brand new blog and ski media segment called...



So here is the down and dirty:

1) Great club races are up and coming to a course near you.  This Saturday NYSEF is hosting their season opener at Mt. Van Hovenberg where the conditions are PRIMO.  Worth any price of entry to ski on these amazing December conditions.  Get there.  Score points for HURT and have a blast. Look for more events up-an-coming here:  

2) Maybe you are an up-an-coming ski racer? If you are looking for a fun spin on ski racing or ski training, or if you are looking to enter the scene without the pressure of a full race....check out this fun event by our Vauhti frenemies.

3) Up-an-coming in HURT nation - Y'all may have glanced over the results the 300+ racers that skied during the Saturday of the North Creek Nordic Fest. But did you really look?  You may remember the name Grace Mattern who tore through NYS from Rochester last season.  And you may remember the name Bailey Gengel who rose to local fame last year as well.  But what about that name 4 seconds off Grace-pace! Boom! Maddi isn't just up-an-coming, she's here. And flying the green and white of HURT.  This guy has some adjustments to make

4) Up-an-coming from HURT nation - One of our all-time favorite inventions is coming up on January 12th. THE MEGA-RELAY!!!!  Woot Woot! The most fun you can have with your best buds on skis is the Mega-Relay.  So much skiing, so many K's, and this year we have some fun competitive wrinkles to get you math-ologists really thinking about the best team strategy to win the coveted prize packages.  Here are the new race details...

The HURT Mega-Relay is 6 hour team relay event.  Teams of 3-8 skiers will compete to see how many laps of the 5K race loop can be completed in the 6 hour event time.  This is a fun, exciting, and challenging race format that is great for all abilities.  

If you are ages 13-15, each loop you ski will count as 1.5 for your team.  

If you are older than 45, each loop you ski will count as 1.5 as well. 

If you are older than 65 your loops count x 2! 

*New this year* racers ages 12-and-under can ski laps simultaneously together and all count. So if you have five kochers ski one lap together that would automatically count as 5 laps.  Team rosters must remain under 8 racers. 

All other competitors will have their loops count as 1.  

Hope to see you up and out on skis in the next few weeks! 

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