Saturday, October 23, 2010

Training to Suffer

Today saw Matt Tornianen, Dave Kvam, Austin Huneck and Tim Huneck make the first of two HURT sponsored training skis up the Prospect highway in preparation for the upcoming "Sufferfest" Hill climb in two weeks. The boys strapped on the speed reducers, slow wheels and worked with controlled pacing to acclimate themsleves to the road. The pictures tell the story...

The ski of the day goes to Matt Tornianen who skied with wheels that
a) barely exist
b) hardly turn
c) probably work better moving backwards
d) are so old and worn that "round" is not a good word to describe them.

However, he slugged it out and is SO MUCH stronger for the effort. watch out.

By the way....thats not to mention the boots he used....which are now collectors items and worth as much as a pair of carbonlites....only if they were in mint condish, in the originally packaging. Neither of which is the case so basically they are worthless.....However, do remain undoubtably cool.

In other news...On the way down the prospect Highway it was discovered that someone or something found and stole Tim Huneck's Championship HURT race suit top. The highly prized item was unwrapped, unfolded and taken from behind the rock where it lay. Initially it was assumed that this was an evil deed carried out by rival Peru Nordic but then it was deemed that this act was indeed to heinous for even Peru. Needless to say, if some unknown hiker or biker is seen wearing said jersey the rath and power of the Director, A. Huneck, will be unleashed. Have mercy on this persons soul.

Either that...or there is one really good looking bear wandering around Lake Geroge.


  1. That stinks!! YOu sure you looked behind the right rock?

  2. Excellent form pikku Matti! I think those were my boots (I have the even older version in red and yellow). Those yellow salomon boots are so cool, I bet every one wants a pair now. If you work at it, you might be able to train with nothing less than 20 years old.

    -You know who

  3. Matt,

    Training on ancient equipment is not enough to save you from your comeuppance in Hayward in February!


    Your older brother

  4. Yeah watch out Matt, 'we' will be training together in the twin cities this winter and will be scary fast for the birkie. Or just scary.

    -Your other older brother

  5. Bring it on, bros. You guys better get cracking - twelve mile run tonight followed by an 18 miler on Sunday. You better be watching over your shoulders on 2/26!