Monday, December 28, 2009

Director Dominates

Proving he knows how to do more than send people into battle, HURT Director Aaron dominated the family Battling Tops tournament the day after Christmas. The youngest of 19 competitors, Aaron cruised through the brackets, defeating two adult cousins and both parents on his way to the championship.

In this picture, Aaron shows his steely gaze as he prepares to launch his top in the final round.

Aaron stayed focused throughout despite much taunting and numerous attempts to distract him. "I wanted to show my team how it's done," said Aaron. "Don't worry about the competition, trust your training, keep your eyes on the goal. None of these people believed in me, yet I knew I could win."

For anyone who doesn't know, Battling Tops is a game from the late 60s. It's no longer made, but thanks to the wonders of technology you can find it on ebay for only 10 or 12 times what it cost back then.

"It's a great way to prepare for competition," said Aaron, "especially since all it ever does around here is rain and the boys can't ski."


  1. Maybe the Director should enter a team in Major League Dreidel

  2. Does he train on Hungry Hungry Hippos in the off season?