Friday, July 15, 2011

West Mountain Preview

The Director is deep in final preparations for the upcoming HURT junior development camp at West Mountain. Both the Huneck boys plan to flex their summer training muscles at this years camp and in order to pump up the 20+ athletes who plan to attend the camp (and in order to set a little fear in his greatest rivals) the Director sent out his scouts Dave Kvam and Tim Huneck to run the course that will be used for the uphill Time Trial. Bring your mountain goat legs people....You'll ride the pain train up this one.

Enjoy the video.

And if you don't have Mountain Goat Legs.....try shopping for them at one of our four camp sponsors

Inside Edge Ski and Bike

The Sportspage Ski and Patio

Stewarts Shops (I think they have them right behind the beef jerky)


Price Chopper (also near the beef jerky)

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