Monday, July 25, 2011

HURT nordic ski camp: HURT in the HEAT

90 degrees! psssh... 95! whatevs.......100?!? Its gonna take more than that to keep the up and coming NYS skiers from getting after at West Mountain.

It was a bench mark weekend for HURT nordic in their quest to dominate the nordic skiing world. This weekend was the first ever HURT nordic ski camp. With help of numerous team members, volunteers, local nordic families and talented coaches from around the region, 31 juniors were treated to a weekend of bounding, running, hiking, rollerskiing, swimming and full on nordic immersion. The HRT newsroom was on hand to see the Director lead the legions.

The focus of this camp was bringing skiers together from all across NY, along with skiers from New England, so that they can train together, challenge each other and create bonds in the nordic community.

The weekend featured an uphill Time Trial from the East Slope Lodge up to the top chair lift. The kids put down some huge efforts and the first running of this race saw some new records set. Check them out....set your goals and we'll see you running next year!

Jason H: 14:36 (World Record Holder)
Ben A: 15:03 (Top Junior Boy)
Adam L: 15:34
Reed L: 15:37
Will F: 15:55
Marco: 17:16
Peter: 17:23
Austin H: 18:16
Brian: 18:45
Eric: 19:05
John: 19:20
Matt: 20:23
Aaron: 20:36
Alex: 21:07
Seth: 21:08
Chase: 21:17
Margot: 21:18 (Top Junior Girl)
Alex Jospe: 21:43
Robbie: 22:04
Ethan: 22:36
Becky: 23:52
Meg: 24:01
Karina: 24:33
Dylan: 24:55
Clara: 27:17
Emily 28:58
Sarah D: 28:59
Amy 28:59
Sarah 30:06
Emily 36:35

Check out the video recap of the weekend:

The Director vs. the pavement (you should fee bad for the pavement!)

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  1. The camp was great. Alex and Jason were great coaches and really brought a lot to offer! The circuit workout alone made the camp worth it! Many thanks to all the coaches and volunteers, sponsors, parents, etc. Also, the kids maintained great attitudes no matter what we threw at them.

    Chris Y